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Hair Loss Treatment That You Can Do At Home


Is your hair loss getting worse? Do not trust in chemical made products or in a salon for your hair treatment, there is more effective ways to avoid hair loss that can be safe and you can save money as well. You can treat your hair at home using all natural ingredients that you can find on your kitchen. Using natural ingredients for your hair treatment is proven effective and has no side effects. Here is the natural home remedies for your hair that you can easily made on your own.

Garlic – garlic contains high sulphur that is why this is effective to use for hair remedy. To use it as hair supplement, crush a small amount of garlic, put in a coconut oil and mix, boil it for a few minutes, after a few minutes, let it cool down a little, when it cools down, apply to your hair and scalp, massage your scalp and leave it for at least 30 minutes, after 30 minutes wash your hair and scalp thoroughly, and do this at least two times a week.

Henna – henna is usually used for hair coloring, but it also contains properties that can help your hair grow stronger from roots to tip. If you will use it as hair treatment, you can have stronger hair and it can also helps to prevent hair falling out. Mix the henna leaves to a 250 ml of mustard oil, wash the henna leaves before using, and mix it in a container and boil. Wait until the henna leaves are burn and filter the oil. Apply the mixture in your scalp and massage it, wash your hair after an hour. You can store the mixture in a closed bottle.

Onion Juice – onion is also a high source of sulphur that helps your hair gets stronger and avoid hair fall and it also boost the production of collagen. It is an effective remedy for a worst hair loss. Cut the onion thinly and squeeze it to get the juices, apply the desired amount of onion juice to your hair and scalp, leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, wash your hair and use shampoo to remove the smell of the onion, get a towel and dry your hair. You can do it twice a week if you have a bad hair loss.

Coconut – coconut has a lot of benefits for your hair, it’s not just a remedy for hair loss but it also helps your hair to grow stronger and healthier. Just warm the coconut oil and massage your scalp, wash your hair after one hour and you can already see the result. Your hair becomes shinier and moisturized.

These hair loss remedies can help you a lot and easy to make, you can get more benefits for your hair and also save money because it is affordable and easy to find. Try this at home and see for yourself the best result. Visit Cappilux for more tips on hair loss.

Keep Healthy Hair; Common Causes of Hair Loss

hairlossOne of the main subjects of emails we get from people is the disturbing condition of hair loss. Men may eventually learn to live with it, but for women it is very concerning. We decided to do some research to find out what the common causes of hair loss are. The results are quite surprising and believe it or not, we can prevent or at least, cut down on hair loss.

Physical Stress – Researchers have always known that physical stress can cause a lot of healthy problems, but the knowledge acquired recently has unearthed some amazing facts. Hair loss is one of the most common conditions which stem from physical stress. Monitoring and amending your stress levels can help with keeping your hairy brush from becoming bushier than your head.

Pregnancy – Indeed, pregnancy can cause hair loss. Women’s hormones go crazy when they’re pregnant and with that comes physical stress. As mentioned above, that will cause hair loss. We can’t tell you not to get pregnant, but if you plan on becoming so be prepared for some hair loss. The good news is this is usually short-term.

Vitamin A Overdose – Almost everything we put in our hair has Vitamin A in it. This can be counterproductive to a healthy head of hair. Be wary of how much Vitamin A is in your hair products. It will be worth it.

A Lack of Protein – Yes, a lack of protein does cause hair loss. Hair loves protein and in fact, is made most of amino acids. Which is why you can get DNA from a single strand of hair. Being a vegetarian may be fine for your body type, but make sure you’re ingesting enough protein.

healthy heair

There are many reasons for hair loss. We have only touched on a few here. There are many ways to prevent it, so if you find yourself losing hair at a rapid rate it may be time to research why and how you can prevent it.

Source: Calvície Pedia

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